Elisha is from Peculiar, Missouri, a small town about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City.

After graduating from college in 2011, he attended the Fall 2011 TransformationS DTS where he was introduced to Shaun Hover, who led his outreach to Chile.This outreach was where the vision for using skateboarding as a vehicle for sharing the gospel was planted in his heart and really set the course for his time in YWAM.

Stegner has been a part of Calling All Skaters since the beginning. He staffed the first CAS DTS in the Fall of 2012, co-led the Fall 2013 DTS, led the Fall 2014 LA DTS and Spring 2015 LA DTS. Stegner has led two outreaches to Southeast Asia, has lived there as a missionary for several months in 2013 and will be returning in 2015 to help a friend's skateboard company. 
Stegner's vision for the skateboarding community is to see Christian skateboarding missionaries raised up and sent out around the world to bring a light to an extremely dark and unreached culture. 

He is passionate about knowing God and living a life of integrity. He is also passionate about discipling young people and carries a heart to see people set on fire for God and living it out in every aspect of their lives.

Email Elisha: lonestag25@gmail.com