Erwin Jadraque, also known as @erwinstaholic, is from the island where people call vacation "Hawaii Kailua-Kona." Jadraque got saved through his homie JC (Jesus Christ) in "Calling All Skaters DTS 2012". He staffed at the Kailua Kona YWAM base. He ran a ministry called "Skate night" and staffed with a school there called "Asia Pacific DTS." He led a team to Japan and staffed with summer camp called "Infusion". 

"I really really really love Jesus a lot and I want to see God move in every aspect of art because Jesus loves artist because He is one too," Jadraque said. If you want to know more, you can go to his blog @ and click testimony at the top of the page!!! 

Jadraque did the first CAS DTS and staffed a Kona DTS and Outreach to Japan, the Fall 2014 CAS DTS and Southeast Asia Outreach, the Spring 2015 DTS and led the YWAM LA Passions DTS Outreach to Thailand.

Jadraque rides for San Skateboarding.