Jake Reny is a 20 year old skater who grew up in a small town called Gray in the state of Maine. He started skating at a very young age and lived, breathed, and took in anything he could about it. Jake gave his life to Jesus in 2014 when he had hit a low point in his life. He purchased a Christian Skate Video called “Foolishness” because he couldn’t believe that professional skaters were talking about Jesus and telling others about what it means to be Christian. The Lord revealed himself to Jake through the eyes of skateboarding. In fall 2016, he attend the first San Francisco CallingAllSkaters DTS. After graduating in 2017, he had a desire to stick with CallingAllSkaters. In Fall 2017, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles, to live at the CAS house located in Sunland, CA. Jake is currently helping produce media for CallingAllSkater’s Instagram and YouTube accounts. While joining along side all of the ministries going on in California. He’s also a musician and artist. Releasing music on platforms such as BandCamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify. “Skateboarding saved my life, but Jesus saved my Soul” - Jake Reny