Justice Kellenberger is from Davenport, Iowa. He has been skateboarding since he was in 6th grade.


Kellenberger grew up heavily involved in the skateboarding world, following the example of what the skateboarding culture tells you to do in order for you to live the full life as a skateboarder. He fell deeper and deeper into that lifestyle and started doing things everyone else was doing, eventually coming to find his identity in them. He let the world determine how he would act and feel and it changed the way he viewed the world and himself.

When all was said and done, Kellenberger began to analyze those things more deeply and realize how he was living and the destruction that had come into his life. He had thought those things were a way of exercising his freedom but really they were just enslaving him and leaving him feeling empty in himself, his relationships and his passions.

Kellenberger began to search for a higher understanding and started to change his lifestyle. He stopped partying all the time and started going in the woods more. He decided to be healthy and make healthier decisions and was searching for spirituality and purpose though hallucinogens. It became more evident to him that there was a higher power but the more he tried to find God by his own means the more he found everything pointless.

“It’s like I was telling God who he was and forgetting the fact that He created me and brought everything into being,” Kellenberger said. “ I was so over searching and pretending I knew and listening to what everyone was saying. Man, I was done and I said “GOD if your real show me who you are”.”

Then, a guy named Michael at his Skate Church told Kellenberger he’d bought him a ticket to a mission trip they were going on to South Dakota. It was there that God finally revealed Himself and Kellenberger finally surrendered to God. 

Going home, he realized it wasn't something that would just automatically happen, but that he had to intentionally let God renew his mind. He was so distracted and curated by the world still and fell back into sin multiple times but over and over God proved that His grace is sufficient and He remained faithful. After awhile, Kellenberger was really seeing the results of being transformed from the inside and he started to surrender more and more to Jesus and God used him more and more as a result. 

Kellenberger did his DTS in LA in Fall 2013 and went on outreach to Chile. He has staffed LA THRASH 2014, CAS Fall DTS 2014 and Chile Outreach, CAS Spring DTS 2015 and Southeast Asia outreach. 

He rides for Embassador Skateboards.

Email Kellenberger at: Justice_kellenberger@yahoo.com