The 2017 Fall DTS will be held in San Francisco California. Home of Thrasher Magazine and industry trendsetters such as the GX1000 crew, this city is famous for its rich history in skateboarding culture. This is our second DTS in this location and will be led by Matt Orona alongside other staff.

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Where Is It?

During the first three months of the program students and staff will be living at and doing ministry through the YWAM San Francisco base in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, right in the heart of the downtown area. With plenty of street spots and hills to bomb down, ministry opportunities present themselves the minute you step out the front door. Students and staff will be living together in dorm-style housing, so remember to pack light and bring your own bedding as space is always tight. 

How Much will it cost?

The price for the lecture phase in San Francisco will be $3,500.00 which will cover both food and housing costs for the first three months. The outreach phase will cost between $2,000-2,500 plus the cost of travel to and from the overseas location. In addition to these costs, most students bring along spending money for snacks and drinks while they are out in the city.

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who is leading it?

The DTS will be lead by Matt Orona and other CAS staff.