Sarah Kelly is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Started skateboarding at age 6 and became a Christian at the age of 17. After being saved from a life of brokenness Sarah got a heart for skateboarders and broken people. She now serves with us in LA and Asia full time, sharing the light of Jesus with the locals and raising up fellow Christian skaters to be bold and trusting in God's goodness. 

Learning more about God's grace each day, Sarah is pursuing a vision of impacting girl skaters as a Christian example in the US, Canada and Asia.

Sarah is also passionate about hardcore punk music, film photography, snowboarding, dogs and snacks. 

She did her Calling All Skaters DTS in Fall 2013 and went on outreach to Asia. She staffed LA THRASH Summer 2016 and works with CAS in LA and Asia. 

Sarah skates for San Skateboarding, CAS's partner in Asia.