A Calling All Skaters Discipleship Training School is a five or six-month program where skateboarders 18 and over are trained as missionaries and sent into the mission field. 

A Discipleship Training School and is part of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) one of the largest Christian Missions organizations in the world. It brings students from all over the world together to passionately pursue their relationship with God, to be trained for missions and to go to the nations to serve Christ and share His love. You live together, learn together, serve together and grow together as a community.

The Calling All Skaters DTS is different from a regular YWAM DTS in that we focus on reaching out specifically into the skate culture. Our staff, the places we live, the local outreaches we do, the teachers we invite, the way we learn, the focus of our intercessory prayer and the ministries we work with internationally are all tailored to our vision to represent Jesus Christ in the skateboarding culture.

The DTS is 5 or 6 months long and is split into "lecture phase" and "outreach" phase in a different country.

Weekly Schedule

A typical week in lecture phase includes:

  • 12 hours of transformational teaching

  • 3 hours of intercession together

  • 2 hours of worship

  • 5 hours of individual "Quiet Time"

  • 8 hours of "Work Duty" (Helping prep and clean up meals, clean facilities, build stuff, serve other ministries)

  • 8 hours of local outreach at skateparks and working with other skate ministries

  • Weekly attendance at a local church

  • And lots of skateboarding, photography and video-making

International Outreach

After lecture phase, the team goes on a 2- or 3-month outreach. It is a chance to apply what was learned in lecture phase and boldly minister in the global skate scene.

All of our short-term outreaches are part of long-term initiatives with our partners globally. Our goal is to spend this time alongside existing ministries and help them in their work.

Lecture Topics And Speakers

We have a lineup of outstanding international and interdenominational speakers teaching in the Calling All Skaters DTS as well as special sessions by influential figures in skateboarding.

Teaching topics may include:

  • The Nature and Character of God

  • Evangelism and Missions

  • Reaching the Skate Culture

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Pioneering a Skate Ministry

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Biblical World View

  • Spiritual Authority

  • Identity and Destiny

  • Bible Study - Inductive Method


What Can I Do After A DTS?

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the first course on the path to a degree with University of the Nations (U of N) and a prerequisite for all other courses. Completion of a Calling All Skaters DTS is worth 20 credits with the U of N. For more information on YWAM visit www.ywam.org.

By completing the Calling All Skaters DTS you will be eligible to:

  • Apply for a secondary school at any YWAM base (such as the School of Biblical Studies / School of Ministry Development)

  • Apply for Calling All Skaters staff or any other staff position in YWAM internationally

  • Join Calling All Skaters ministries, special projects, trips and outreach trips

  • Become a long-term missionary with our international skate ministry partners

Who Can Apply?

Both men and women who are at least 18 years old or have graduated from high school. There is no age limit, meaning you can't be too old.

Do I Have To Be Good At Skateboarding?

No. The Calling All Skaters DTS is for all levels of skaters who want to be sold out for Jesus, to intensely pursue their relationship with God, to serve Him fully and to reach out to other skaters and communities with the love of Christ. If you have a heart for the skate community and can skate well enough to get from place to place on team outings, come join our crew. Also, if you have video editing or media skills, you will have the opportunity to help us create skate media to influence the global skate culture.

What If I Don't Have The Money?

Apply anyway. We'll join you in prayer and believe God to do a miracle. Over the years we've seen God provide hundreds of thousands of dollars for people who did not have the money and had no way of getting the money. If God is leading you to do the Calling All Skaters DTS, He will provide. Do the possible and let God do the impossible. You need to SEEK God, PRAY fervently, WORK a job, SAVE money, be PLUGGED IN with a church, SERVE the church, GIVE to others, and COMMUNICATE as much as you can with as many people as you can about what you feel God is calling you into. People want to get involved with what you're doing; they want to help!

Is Someone Getting Paid For This?

No. Nobody gets paid.  Our income comes from the generous support of people in the body of Christ who believe in what we're doing and want to be a part of it. Each staff raises his or her own support.



Barcelona Spring 2020

April 15th - September 16th 2019

The CAS Barcelona Discipleship Training School is a 5 month intensive Christian discipleship program for skateboarders 18 and over who want to grow in their faith and get a heavy dose of what it's like to live a full-on skate ministry lifestyle.

There are hundreds of DTS's happening all over the world and each one is different. This particular school is unique in that it's located in, arguably, the greatest city in the world for skateboarding, as well as it's strong focus on preaching the gospel to all skateboard communities in Europe. We spend the first two months in Barcelona, Spain for the "lecture phase," where we have a different guest teachers come and teach on a different topic related to the Christian faith and missions.

We then spend the next three months in different locations throughout Europe to finish the lecture phase and start the "outreach phase". During outreach, we will be partnering with and encouraging local skateboarding ministries. The whole vision for this DTS in Barcelona is to reach out to the European Skateboarding scene as representatives of Jesus Christ.


Yes! It will be a English/Spanish Bilingual DTS.




The total cost for the 5 month school is 5900 Euros total (2400 Euros for Outreach, 3500 Euros for lecture phase). This covers everything; housing, food, transportation, lecture, books, ministry, administration, etc. It does not cover your flight to and from Barcelona at the beginning and end of the school, your laundry or late-night snacks.

*These prices may vary as we are still solidifying our budgets


Due to the fact that we will be traveling to different locations, some may need to obtain visas. If you are from Europe, Canada, or the United States you will not need a visa, which is something to be thankful for. Those who are not from those countries must check to see if they need a visa for Spain, Bosnia, or England. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR VISAS BEFORE COMING TO THE SCHOOL. If you need help please ask us! Visas can be complicated and intimidating but completely obtainable with a little bit of guidance. Also be advised that if you will be traveling in the Schengen zone within 180 days of the start or end of the school you need to let us know as this may change your visa situation.